Priors Hall, Corby 33kV Primary substation

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Priors Hall, Corby 33kV Primary substation

To provide the backbone of the electrical supply infrastructure required for the Priors Hall development, Powersystems were appointed by Connect Utilities to design and build a new 24MVA 33/11kV primary substation.

The substation was connected at 33kV from two central networks with 33kV metering circuit breakers approx. 2.5km from the site. It supplies a commercial area, 3 schools and 5000 houses now connected.

Powersystems acted as designer and principle contractor throughout the construction phase of the project.
The complete project was designed and constructed in 70 weeks ready for connection.

The substation construction and electrical design of the primary substation was taken on as a complete turnkey project with Powersystems responsible for the complete works.

  • Substation civil and electrical design
  • Substation civil construction
  • Specification, procurement and installation of electrical equipment: 1No 15MVA 132/11kV transformer, 5 panel 33kV switchboard, 2No 11/18/24MVA transformers, 9 panels of 11kV switchgear, transformer protection panels, DC battery chargers
  • Excavation of 2.5km 33kV grid connection route
  • Installation of 5km of 33kV cable and pilot cables
  • Jointing and termination of 33kV cables along grid route
  • Excavation of 4.5km 11kV connection to adjacent site and cable laying
  • Test and commissioning of substation and cable installation

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