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Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015: A Clients Duty

Over the past 46 years Powersystems work involves the design and installation of high voltage networks. And therefore we are well versed in the CDM Regulations from the Designer, Principal Contractor, and Contractor’s perspective.

We have worked on small supplies to farmers buildings to large wind farms for major electricity generators and have seen CDM from the exemplary to the poor.

Powersystems try to work with our clients and potential clients to make them aware of their responsibilities on their projects so that they comply with the regulations. We see our clients as potential partners, with ambitions to work with these client’s long term to deliver their on-going project ambitions. As partners, we believe that helping our clients to not only protect themselves but making the sites safer is in the interests of everyone.

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations came into force in 2015

The current version of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations came into force in 2015, replacing the 2007 version. The main objective of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, also known as the CDM Regulations was to place more onus on those involved at the start of the project such as clients and designers to think about risk.

The start of the project

Much can be done at the start of the project to design out risk, reducing the risk to those who have to construct, use and decommission the project. Smart design and planning can make work safer for everyone, at all stages if thought about soon enough.

Responsibilities under CDM regulations

Who is a client?

Clients can be both commercial and domestic however the requirements are slightly different for domestic. The CDM 2015 regulations apply to all of these types of project listed above and therefore the client’s duties under the CDM 2015 regulations are as follows:



Post Construction

Which role do you have? 

Organisations or individuals can undertake the role of more than one duty holder, provided they have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to fulfil those roles in a way that secures health and safety.

Check which role you have and which documents you need to download.

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