Health and Safety

Powersystems health and safety leadership team

The Powersystems board, directors, senior managers, and safety champions lead and promote health and safety from strategically top down process’s vision, mission and values through continuous risk management, governance and commitment; to ensure that Powersystems meet and surpass both legal and ethical obligations in protecting health, safety and welfare of employees and stakeholders; safeguarding the environment and ensuring the quality of products and services are the cornerstones of business operations.

All partners of Powersystems are culturally, actively engaged and involved in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy working conditions – through effective upward communications, sharing of knowledge as well as underpinning and providing high quality training for all. 

Reviewed monthly by the Managing Director, SHEQ manager and Senior Management Team all SHEQ systems, training and management structures are implemented through overarching business objectives and the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) we also engender a collaborative workforce with best training and competency practise. All systems are assessed in a lifecycle of review, reporting and continuous improvement benchmarking.

The IMS system is independently audited and accredited for ISO 9001:2015, ISO45001:2018 and ISO14001:2015.