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Powersystems Independent Connections Provider (ICP)

From simple cabling installations, transformer and switchgear replacements through to complete substation design and build contracts Powersystems can provide the services you require either individually or as a total turnkey solution.

With each project supervised by a dedicated engineer, knowing the abilities of their team and experienced in the area of work, quality will be at an optimum. This is the advantage that you gain when you employ Powersystems.

What Is an Independent Connections Provider (ICP)?

  • With the introduction of competition in connections, customers have the option to have the majority of connection work, which is referred to as contestable work, carried out by a third-party connection provider.
  • Other work, referred to as non-contestable work, can only be carried out by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO)
  • An ICP like Powersystems is an accredited company that can build electricity networks to agreed standards and quality required for them to be owned by either a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)
  • For an ICP to carry out some of the connection works they must be registered with National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) that is administered by Lloyds’ Register
  • An Independent Connection Provider (ICP) is an accredited company that carries out works on behalf of clients on the electricity network. These networks are normally owned by either a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) or an Independent Distribution Network Operator.

Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO)

  • An Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) is a company licensed by Ofgem, to own and operate electricity networks.
  • An IDNO network will be connected to the local power network, which is owned by the DNO. However, the IDNO will be responsible for managing and operating their local network, including all future maintenance and fault repairs. Networks that are built or operated by ICPs will be adopted by either a Distribution Network Operator or by an Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO).
  • As a customer, you can choose to employ an accredited contractor (ICP or IDNO) to carry out contestable elements of the work, or ask us to complete all of the connection work for you.

What does an Independent Connections Provider (ICP)?

  • Contestable works do not have to be carried out by your DNO. They can also be carried out by Powersystems who are listed on the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) that is administered by Lloyds’ Register.
  • Lloyds Register is responsible for assessing and accrediting the ICPs under the National Electricity Registration Scheme.
  • Powersystems carry out contestable works from low voltage up to 132 kV.
  • An ICP can carry out Contestable Works on behalf of a DNO or IDNO, or on behalf of a client.

Contestable Works

Examples of contestable works that can be carried out by an Independent Connections Provider (ICP)?

Independent Connections Provider (ICP) accredited contractor like Powersystems:-

  • Assessing the impact of your new connection to the existing network
  • Identifying and designing the Point of Connection (POC) to the existing network
  • Legal consents for overhead line routes, cable routes and substation sites
  • Contestable reinforcement of the existing network
  • Network extension design
  • Obtaining and supplying equipment and materials to DNOs’ current specification for the extension
  • Site preparation and trenching, including the circuit routes between the development and the connection point
  • Substation re-sites and diversions required by the new connection development
  • Construction of the network extension
  • All work is logged, as well as the cable routes locations and other equipment (on or off site) with full provision of the records to the DNOs
  • Reinstatement of any excavations carried out including cable routes
  • Providing for the installation of metering equipment
  • Legal consents for overhead line routes, cable routes and substation sites

Non Contestable Works

(These only be carried out by the Distribution Network Operator):

  • Specifying equipment and materials to be used on their network
  • Approval of the new ICP connection/network design
  • Inspection and monitoring of the ICPs construction work on the new network
  • Witnessing the ICP testing the new electrical equipment installed

Why use an Independent Connection Provider?

There can be many benefits to using an ICP like Powersystems including:

  • Greater choice
  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster delivery
  • Can be more cost effective

Why choose Powersystems for your grid connection project?

  • Powersystems are a Lloyds NERS accredited ICP with over 44 years’ experience in the design and construction of grid connection works on electrical power projects across various sectors.
  • We are able to carry out Contestable Works up to and including 132kV, making us a great alternative to the local DNO
  • We pride ourselves on our regularly assessed and outstanding customer service
  • We will support you all the way through the project development and quotation phase, from a technical and process point of view
  • Bespoke connection market business processes and IT systems allow us to be highly responsive to customer needs
  • Our network expertise, working relationships, connections and problem-solving skills are industry leading
  • We have the in-house skill-sets to take on any connections project in urban or rural and green or brown field environments
  • To see more of Powersystems experience, visit our latest projects section
  • To speak with one of our High Voltage Engineering Team call us or contact us here


Powersystems have carried out the electrical installation of over 1796 wind turbines in the UK

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