Renewable Energy

With so many projects successfully constructed and exporting power to the grid, whether requiring a turnkey installation, electrical infrastructure, or grid connection, Powersystems are an experienced partner in all forms of renewable energy projects. Our experience and expertise have given us the ability to connect many renewable generation schemes to the grid competitively; schemes that may otherwise have been shelved due to the initial high cost of the grid connection. So, whether you need a turnkey installation, electrical infrastructure or help making a grid connection, Powersystems is your experienced and trustworthy partner in all renewable energy generation. Read more about all the technologies that we can support you with.

Wind Farm

Powersystems specialist engineers are highly experienced in the design, specification, installation and commissioning of all electrical infrastructure for your wind farm project including; substations, switchgear, transformers, cable infrastructure, earth systems and SCADA cabling, and grid connection enabling the complete wind farm installation to be carried out.

Offshore Wind Farm

Powersystems are a trusted support partner who design, construct, install and commission the onshore high voltage electrical infrastructure elements for offshore wind projects. Powersytems have carried out onshore electrical works for 25% of UK offshore wind farms.

Solar Farms

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), Powersystems engineers are highly experienced in the design, specification, installation and commissioning of solar energy farms, Powersystems your high voltage specialist electrical engineering company has 46 years of experience in working with the National Grid and all the DNO’s across the UK.

Anaerobic Digestion

Powersystems have connected anaerobic digestion generation plants powered from commercial food waste, energy crops, dairy, pig & poultry waste in the farm based sectors. We are proud of our knowledge, expertise and experience in the construction of AD Plants, our electrical engineering team have connected 97 of all anaerobic digestion plants in the UK.

Hydroelectric Energy

Powering the transition to a carbon free future, Powersystems multidisciplinary teams provide specialised electrical engineering, management, and technical skills to optimise design and build for hydroelectric energy projects.

Tidal Energy

With action to tackle climate change becoming ever more urgent, generating clean electricity is also becoming increasingly important. Powersystems are experienced in delivering renewable energy projects –we’re pleased to be part of the delivery team for the onshore infrastructure for Anglesey marine energy project, Morlais, which is the largest UK tidal energy development.


Powersystems expertise of 46 years lies at the very heart of energy. Our consistent ranking as one of the top specialist electrical engineering partners, positions us at the leading edge of integrated electrical solutions needed for a decarbonised world. We have 4.5 decades of delivering innovative electrical infrastructure, safely, and reliably across industry.