The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment with Powersystems excellence and exacting standards.

Powersystems testing capability covers an extensive range of disciplines.

The testing and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment is a highly specialised activity with each and every installation being tested by a trained engineer to exacting standards.

Powersystems testing capability covers an extensive range of disciplines, including cable installations, transformers, switchgear, protection, earthing and underground fault location.

Cable installations

  • 1 kV and 5 kV insulation tests
  • DC pressure tests up to 33 kV
  • VLF cable testing


  • HV and LV winding insulation tests
  • Winding ratio checks
  • Bucholz testing
  • Oil sample and testing (electrical breakdown, acidity, water and PCB content, dissolved gas analysis)


  • AC pressure testing
  • Ductor testing
  • CT’s – Ratio and flick tests, mag curves
  • VT’s – Ratio and polarity checks
  • Functionality checks
  • Protection testing


  • Primary and secondary injection
  • Timing tests
  • Overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Directional overcurrent and earth fault relays
  • Differential transformer protection
  • Translay and Solkor feeder unit protection
  • Restricted and standby earth fault relays
  • Generator loss of mains and G99 protection
  • Neutral voltage displacement
  • Transformer auto tapping relays
  • Inter tripping schemes.


  • Soil resistivity measurements
  • Final earth electrode resistance

Underground fault location

  • Digital pulse echo
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Grid Connections

Whether an industrial, commercial premises or generation scheme Powersystems are able to provide a competitive grid connection offer. Our team of engineers and support staff manage the entire connection process from initial application, design, construction and commissioning through to final energisation and adoption.

Project Management

46 years hard earned knowledge in the design and installation of high voltage electrical infrastructure ensures that your project starts on an accurate and realistic foundation – the prerequisite for successful project management.

Design and Build

With extensive industry knowledge, our design team are able to propose and develop power engineering solutions to meet any challenge.


Powersystems are able to ensure that the equipment required for your project will be designed and procured systematically and consistently applied assurance criteria to each part of the procurement process, with the correct specification, delivered within the constraints of the contract and competitively priced. 


Powersystems provide a full range of substation services.  From complete turnkey, bespoke engineered solutions to routine asset replacement or maintenance services from LV all the way through to 132 kV.


Installation of high voltage switchgear is a highly specialised activity. Powersystems have the specialist expertise to install switchgear from 415 V to 132kV.


Powersystems have experience of specifying and installing every type of power transformer with primary voltages up to 132 kV we will also design and install full transformer control and protection of all types of transformers.

Cable Installation

Using our specialist in-house cable installation teams Powersystems are able to offer the complete range of cabling solutions from control and auxiliary cables, low voltage power and high voltage power cabling.