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Building a Short Term Operating Reserve is a complex project that requires teams of specialists to handle the many aspects of the project – from conception and planning to implementation.

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Who to carry out your Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) electrical infrastructure project?

The civil and electrical works are referred to as the Balance of Plant (BOP) and are designed and installed by a high voltage specialist contractor like Powersystems.

Experience in the design and installation of high voltage electrical infrastructure has placed Powersystems in a position ideally suited to carry out STOR electrical balance of plant contracts (eBoP).

Powersystems have been at the forefront of connecting Short Term Operating Reserve to the grid, having carried out the grid connection and electrical balance of plant works for one of the UK’s first commercial STOR project in Trumfleet, in 2010. 

Following on from this success Powersystems has worked with a number of STOR operators where we have carried out further connections to grid and balance of plant work.  In addition, Powersystems is currently working with various partners that are able to carry out a full Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) package which can include civil works, design and construction, supply, installation and commissioning of generation plant, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services.

STOR fulfils an important
means for the National Grid to maintain stability in light of the UK’s increased reliance upon the generation of energy from less predictable renewable resources.

STOR infrastructure and what you need to consider?

The National Grid experiences peaks and troughs in its electricity usage, with higher than forecast usage causing problems for stability, along with uncertainty of the generation availability.

In order to balance these possible scenarios, fats on-demand generation is required. This is achieved through the deployment of Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR), a balancing service where the provider delivers standby generation or emergency power when required.

STOR generators are required to generate power within a stipulated time period contracted to the National Grid. This provides additional resilience to the grid, unlike renewable generation which only has limited availability.

Historically, STOR generation has been based on reciprocating diesel or natural gas power generators but with emerging battery technology it is foreseen that this will replace more traditional generation in the future.

Battery technology will eventually provide the National Grid with more flexibility for balancing as it will have the capability to provide emergency frequency response, (EFR), reactive power control, storage capacity, peak lapping and customer TRIAD avoidance.

Powersystems are able to carry out civil and electrical works

We have assisted our customers in delivering STOR projects across many platforms of the development, whether it be:

Powersystems STOR case studies

Read the latest STOR case studies from Powersystems in Power STOR projects.

Brecon Power STOR Project

Powersystems were appointed as the STOR Electrical Balance of Plant (EBoP) contractor with responsibility for the design, build, commissioning and energisation of the entire STOR electrical infrastructure works. Included in the scope of works, 7 x 3.5 MVA 33 KV transformers, gas supply connections to 14 x 1.5 MW generators, cabling for complete systems of control and protection panels, compound and sub station earth systems, all necessary fit out and within the Brecon power site, the installation of 33 kV power low voltage, control, signal and communication cabling works.

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Lower Dunton STOR Project

Powersystems high voltage electrical engineering were responsible for the design, installation, testing and commissioning of the electrical infrastructure associated with construction of the 7.5 MW Flexible Generation Connection at Lower Dunton Generation site in Basildon Essex.

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