Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Project – Renewable Energy

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Name of Client and Location: BayWa r.e. and Octopus Investments
Project Value: £4.0m+
Duration of the Project: Commissioned June 2016
Services: Wind Farm Electrical Infrastructure, 33kV Balance of Plant (eBoP), 66kV Grid Connection (adopted by Northern Power Grid)
Market Sector: Renewable Energy
Powersystems Fact: Powersystems your high voltage specialist partners – Powersystems Renewable Energy team have connected 27% of all U.K. land based wind farm generation
Powersystems were responsible for the design, installation, testing and commissioning of the electrical infrastructure associated with this project. This consisted of a 66kV grid connection which was adopted by Northern Powergrid (NPG) as well as the electrical works for nine 3.3MW Vestas V112 wind turbines.
Fraisthorpe wind farm is a 29.7MW capacity wind farm situated in the East Riding of Yorkshire, the site is just 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Bridlington and 40 miles (64 km) east of York, England.

The site was granted full planning permission in early 2015 when the Ministry of Defence dropped their objection to the site. This was despite the apparent vocal opposition by local people and councillors.

The site was initially proposed to house fifteen turbines and then reduced to nine turbines by TCI Renewables in 2012.

The wind farm was powered up in August 2016, with BayWa r.e selling the site three-months later to Octopus Investments. BayWa r.e continues to operate and service the site as part of the deal.


Project Facts and Figures:

  • Number of turbines: 9
  • Wind turbine capacity: 3.3MW
  • Totalled installed capacity: 29.7MW
  • Length of 66kV underground cabling: 5km
  • Length of onsite 33kV underground cabling: 18km
  • Length of directional drilling under railway track: 100m
  • 33kV capacitor bank: 3.5 MVAr
  • 66/33kV high impedance transformer: 36MVA
  • Powersystems have connected 24% of all onshore UK windfarms
Northern PowerGrid

Fraisthorpe wind turbines:

The site consists of nine 3.3 MW wind turbines that produce a collective 29.7 MW of power. The wind farm provides enough electricity to power over 22,500 homes and stops over 48,000 tonnes (53,000 tons) of carbon dioxide gas from entering the environment.

Initial approval for the nine 420 feet (130 m) turbines and an associated 260-foot (80 m) meteorological mast was granted in January 2013.

The wind power generation site began generating clean renewable energy in August 2016. The wind turbines were initially shipped to Immingham Dock but safety concerns regarding the transportation of such large structures to site meant that they were unable to cross the Humber Bridge. Instead, the 197-feet (60m) blades took a circuitous 100-mile journey to avoid this route and arrive safely at Fraisthrope.

Powersystems Partnerships:

The electrical work was undertaken in partnership with Jones Bros Civil Engineering on behalf of the client, BayWa r.e. GmbH.

Fraisthorpe wind farm major design considerations

Northern Powergrid set out strict connection requirements that needed to be met in order for the grid to accommodate the wind farm at 66kV. Powersystems design engineers used innovative design methods to meet these requirements and allow the customer to start selling energy to the electricity network.

The first of these was to design infrastructure which ensured Northern Powergrid’s 66kV network would remain stable should faults occur on the windfarm. This was important in order to prevent any unnecessary outages on the grid. The inclusion of a high impedance 66/33kV transformer tackled this problem without compromising the overall performance of the customer’s network.

Powersystems and the Fraisthorpe wind farm development:

  • Powersystems were appointed to design, supply installation, testing and commission a 33kV grid connection for adoption by Northern Power Grid (NPG) and substation auxiliary 11kV supply.
  • As well as to design, supply, install, test and commission the electrical works infrastructure for 9No 3.3MW Vestas V112 wind turbines.
Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Project

How Powersystems helped:

As a Lloyds accredited contractor, Powersystems were appointed to design, supply, install, test and commission a new 66kV substation and 5km 66kV cable route for adoption by Northern Powergrid (NPG).

Powersystems installed a 5km 66kV ducted cable route in a mix of carriageway, footpath, verge, and agricultural land. This included a horizontal directional drill (HDD) under the Yorkshire Coast Railway Line. Powersystems liaised with Network Rail to ensure the 100m drill was compliant with their standards.

Due to the coastal location of the 66kV substation, we undertook a flood risk assessment. As a result, the substation compound was elevated 750mm above the surrounding land to ensure that it would be unaffected in the event of a flood.

The high impedance 66/33kV transformer gave rise to further design considerations.  To overcome the reactive power losses in the transformer, we designed and installed a 3.5 MVAr 33kV capacitor bank to guarantee that the windfarm would operate within Northern Powergrid’s power factor limits for the connection.

Powersystems scope of works:

The major items of electrical plant that Powersystems designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned were:

  • 36MVA 66/33kV transformer and ancillary plant
  • 66kV circuit breaker and disconnectors
  • 66kV voltage transformers (VTs) and current transformers (CTs)
  • 66kV cable sealing ends
  • 66kV protection panels including generation constraint scheme
  • 33kV switchgear and associated protection equipment
  • 33kV 50kVA auxiliary/earthing transformer and neutral earthing resistor (NER).
  • Cable laying of 33kV, fibre optic and earth cables
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems at the substation building and nine wind turbines
  • 11kV pole-mounted transformer backup LV supply for the substation
Fraisthorpe Wind Farm Project

The results:

  • Fraisthorpe wind energy project was officially opened in August 2016 

Economic benefits:

  • The Fraisthorpe wind farm community benefit fund is being made available by Octopus Solutions, the owners of the Fraisthorpe wind farm, to support projects that improve the local quality of life and community resources for residents who live in the parish council areas of Barmston, Fraisthorpe, and Carnaby as well as part of the area served by Bridlington town council that sits south of the Spa. Grants are available of between £500 and £10,000

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • Enhance quality of life for local residents
  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable communities
  • Promote community spirit and encourage community activity
  • The Fraisthorpe wind farm project delivery went extremely well and provided a great boost for the local area.
  • The wind farm is anticipated to generate electricity for 25 years and will support a community benefit fund

Environmental benefits:

  • The wind farm provides enough electricity to power over 22,500 homes and stops over 48,000 tonnes (53,000 tons) of carbon dioxide gas from entering the environment.

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