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Grid Connections

Successfully providing grid connections across all the distribution areas of the UK

Since Ofgem introduced the concept of Competition in Connections, Powersystems have been successfully providing grid connections across all of the distribution areas of the UK.

Powersystems have carried out a large number of grid connections for a varied clientele, ranging from Data Centres, Industrial Customers, Formula One Racing Teams, Health Trusts, Water Industry, Major Film Studio/Visitor Attraction and the Renewable Energy Sector. Under our full scope of National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accreditation we are able to undertake connection design work, cable installation, cable jointing, substation design and construction, switchgear and transformer installation and testing and commissioning services.

We have civil construction capability which enables us to offer clients a ‘turnkey’ connection service to include trenching works, directional drilling, substation building, construction and design from small 11kV substations up to 132kV primary substations. We also offer a grid connection ENA application and feasibility study service through our engineering administration department, where Powersystems will deal with all aspects of your application and liaise with the DNO on your behalf.

Whether an industrial or commercial premises or a generation scheme Powersystems are able to provide a competitive grid connection offer. Our team of engineers and support staff manage the entire connection process from initial application, design, construction and commissioning through to final energisation and adoption.

As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP) Powersystems have been assessed and accredited nationally by Lloyds register to carry out:

  • Project Management
  • Cable laying (LV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
  • Cable jointing (LV,11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
  • Substation installation (11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV)
  • All associated civil engineering works including excavation, cable laying and back-filling.

Grid connection services from Power Systems UK

On 1 April 1995 the Office of Electricity Regulation (OFFER) now the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM), brought about Competition in Electricity Connections. With this introduction of competition customers now have the option to seek competitive quotations for some of the works required to make a new connection to the electricity distribution system. The work involved in providing new connections can be split into two categories. The first category is Non-Contestable work. These works can only be undertaken by the host Distribution Network Operator (DNO). The second category is Contestable work. These works may only be undertaken by an accredited Independent Connections Provider (ICP) who must be registered with Lloyds register to carry out such works.

Non–contestable works: To be undertaken by the host DNO

  • Provision of equipment and material specifications
  • Design and determination of Point of Connection (POC)
  • Network reinforcement upstream of POC
  • Work within boundary of any site controlled by the DNO
  • Final connection to DNO system
  • Installation inspection

Contestable Works: To be Undertaken by a Lloyds registered ICP

  • Design of connection from POC to customers site
  • Procurement of cables, switchgear, transformers required to make the connection
  • Excavation of connection route and cable installation from POC to customers site or Installation of overhead lines from POC to customers site
  • Construction/installation of the required electricity substations
  • Commissioning of the installed connection assets
  • As installed records of the connection assets
For connections provided under Competition in Connections, each host DNO has a connection process to ensure that connections are made to the required standards and within the time frames specified by the regulator. Powersystems UK Ltd can help you with the initial contact with the DNO, where various options (see below) are available. We can assist in this process and submit the application on your behalf.

Budget applications

  • This option is available for both demand and generation applications and is the best route to gauge whether your project is viable.

Full / formal applications

  • This option is available for both demand and generation applications and is best if you are already have a viable scheme.

For both of the above options we will prepare and submit the necessary paperwork directly to the DNO. Once an offer is received back from them we will quote you for any required contestable / private works. If we are successful in our bid, our teams of professionals will then manage your project from start to finish.

The actual working process is as follows:

1. Apply for Point of Connection(POC) and non-contestable charges
In order for the host DNO to provide a POC to their existing distribution system, a site plan of the development and the required loadings of the proposed buildings or generation capacity will be required.

2. Offer of POC and Non-contestable Charges Made by the DNO
The DNO will provide a POC and non-contestable charges (calculated as per their Charging Methodology Statement – condition 4) which should be received within the following timeframes:

Budget application 20 working days
Full / formal application 11kV 50 working days
Full / formal application 33kV 65 working days

3. Contestable Works Quotation
From the POC information provided by the DNO, Powersystems UK Ltd will prepare a quotation for the associated contestable works. The sum of this and the non-contestable works (provided by the DNO) will then give you the total connection cost for your project.

4. Acceptance of Contestable & Non-contestable Quotations
The non-contestable offer from the DNO is accepted and the charges paid by yourselves. Powersystems UK Ltd will then prepare a connection design ready for approval by the DNO.

5. Design Approval
Once the non-contestable charges have been paid, the DNO will approve our connection design. They are obliged to do so within 10 days of submission.

6. Adoption agreement
Some DNO’s will produce an Adoption Agreement/Connection Agreement – this is an agreement between you, Powersystems UK and the DNO and applies where any contestable work is undertaken by someone other than the DNO. It states the terms and conditions under which the DNO will adopt the new connection and details obligations, specifications, indemnities, liabilities and insurance arrangements.

7. Procurement of connection assets
With the design approved, Powersystems UK Ltd will procure the approved equipment required and prepare for the connection construction phase.

8. Construction of Connection
The connection is constructed by Powersystems UK Ltd to the host DNO’s technical standards. The DNO will carry out regular inspections to ensure compliance.

9. Testing & Commissioning
Powersystems UK Ltd will test and commission the connection. The documentation will then be forwarded to the DNO. A date for connection to the network will then be requested.

10. Final Connection
The DNO will carry out the final connection to the site. This will be within 20 days of receipt of the connection request.

Powersystems have the following experience in successfully carrying out contestable grid connections in the UK.

  • 132kV Connections
  • 33kV Connections
  • 11kV Connections
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