Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)

Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) Helping balance supply and demand to the UK grid

The UK during certain periods has significant electricity demand from the National Grid, and with such demand can come instability.

The grid experiences peaks and troughs in its electricity usage, with higher than forecast usage causing problems for stability, along with the uncertainty of the generation availability.

Deployment of Short Term Operating Reserve generation

In order to balance these possible scenarios, fast on-demand generation is required.  The way of achieving this is through the deployment of Short Term Operating Reserve generation (STOR), a balancing service, where the provider delivers standby or emergency power when required.

This differs from large scale renewable generation which delivers electricity to the grid inconsistently, due to periodic unavailability of its renewable source.

Short Term Operating Reserve Generators

STOR generators are required to generate power within a stipulated time period contracted to National Grid.

Powersystems are experts in STOR
Connecting Short Term Reserve to the grid

Powersystems UK have been at the forefront of connecting Short Term Operating Reserve to the grid, having carried out the grid connection and electrical balance of plant works for one of the UK’s first commercial STOR project in Trumfleet, in 2010.  Following on from this success Powersystems has worked with a number of STOR operators where we have carried out further connections to grid and balance of plant work.  In addition, Powersystems is currently working with various partners that are able to carry out a full Engineering Procurement Construct (EPC) package which can include civil works, design and construction, supply, installation and commissioning of generation plant, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services.

We have assisted our customers in delivering these projects across many platforms of the development, whether it be:

  • Client Grid connection applications.
  • As an Independent Connections Provider, (ICP) in the design, procurement and delivery of the electrical grid connection for the sites.
  • A specialist electrical contractor, designing and building the sites private High Voltage and high power Low Voltage electrical systems.
  • As the Principal Contractor on a complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction, (EPC) contract basis, where all the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical elements of the STOR site are designed, installed, constructed and commissioned by Powersystems, with specialist sub-contractors awarded and managed within the ‘Turnkey’ contract.

Fuel types to power the Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) prime movers have evolved over the years, from Diesel to more environmentally Bio-Diesels, Natural Gas and Bio-Gas. At each evolution Powersystems have developed alongside the Client, the required engineering solutions needed to successfully run the STOR plants.

Whatever the prime mover technology or fuel source, Powersystems in house engineering and site based operational staff are able to advise, design or partial build electrical, or all aspects of the STOR PowerStation.

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