Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery Storage

With the shift from conventional to Renewable energy generation and policy changes are the driving forces behind numerous technologies, one of these being battery energy storage. It has proven successful in being integrated ‘behind the meter’ especially in the solar and wind industry taking advantage of production fluctuations and grid constraint to maximise energy outputs. Other uses include smoothing the grid to match renewable electricity supply with area demand, time shifting energy delivery to the grid and Enhanced frequency response.

Powersystems UK have been at the forefront of connecting battery storage to the grid, having carried out the Mechanical and Electrical works for one of the UK’s early test Commercial Battery storage project in the Shetland isles, in 2011. With many problems to overcome not least the location, the sodium sulphur batteries weighed in at a little over 3 tonne each and there were 20 to install into purpose-built enclosures.

Powersystems are currently working with various partners that are able to carry out a full turnkey balance of plant package, including civil works, design, construction, supply, installation and commissioning of battery packages, mechanical and HV/LV electrical services.

We have assisted our customers in delivering these projects across many platforms of the development, whether it be:

  • Client Grid connection applications.
  • As an Independent Connections Provider, (ICP) in the design, procurement and delivery of the electrical grid connection for the sites.
  • A specialist electrical contractor, designing and building the sites private High Voltage and high power Low Voltage electrical systems.
  • As the Principal Contractor on a complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction, (EPC) contract basis, where all the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical elements of the battery storage site are designed, installed, constructed and commissioned by Powersystems, with specialist sub-contractors awarded and managed within the ‘Turnkey’ contract.
Battery Storage

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