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Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospital NHS, 33kV Contestable connection

To meet the increasing electrical load requirements of Addenbrookes Hospital, Powersystems UK Ltd were employed to design, install and commission a new 33kV primary substation on the Hospitals site.

The electrical connection to the site was carried out as a contestable connection under the Ofgem Competition in Connections scheme allowing accredited contractors to compete with the distribution companies to carry out the work. The project on completion was adopted by 24Seven to form part of their distribution network.

Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge, 33kV Contestable connection

To provide a 33kV supply to the site, Powersystems installed 2No 33kV circuits 4km from 24Sevens Fulbourn grid substation. The cables were installed in the public highway and a directional drill under a rail track was also undertaken. The new Primary substation compound and switchrooms were designed and constructed by Powersystems to house the substation equipment.

Within the Primary substation Powersystems supplied and installed:

  • 2No 12/24MVA 33/11kV Transformers
  • 18 panels of 11kV switchgear
  • Protection panels
  • Battery chargers
  • 11kV cables
  • Building lighting and power

On completion of the installation the substation equipment was tested and commissioned to the satisfaction of the 24Seven Engineers. The substation was completed 50 weeks after award of contract and the hospitals existing substations transferred to the new supply over the next 12 months.

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