Powersystems UK Grand Opening by Bristol Rovers Football Club

On Thursday 29th September, Powersystems UK celebrated its official office opening by Bristol Rovers Football Club Manager Darrell Clarke and players Tom Lockyer and Ollie Clarke and Cllr Erica Williams from South Gloucestershire Council.

The announcement comes as a result of significant growth in recent years. With 70 employees at the refurbished head office at Badminton Road, Yate, Bristol. The new Powersystems office provides ample space for 70+ team members to continue offering high voltage electrical engineering services.

The new Powersystems open plan office design has been created to enhance not only the space but importantly the well being of all the staff, with the new facilities this includes; a new communal, modern kitchen as well as a fully functioning Gym.

For visitors to Powersystems there is a modern and comfortable welcome space, for relaxing in after long journeys and  flat screen TV for catching up on the news.

Channels of Communication – With the new office design Powersystems Partners can simply turn to each other when they need to chat about something without having to schedule a meeting. This applies to both business-related and non-business-related interactions, improving the social atmosphere of the office – For new starters at Powersystems it also helps them to integrate into the team – you have a total support network around you.

Powersystems Collaboration – To quote Steve Jobs, “Ideas don’t happen in the boardroom, they happen in corridors”. Facilitating spontaneous micro-meetings is a feature of our productive workplace. We have found collaboration comes more naturally in spaces where there are no barriers and this was important for culture development when considering the new Powersystems open plan office design.

Open plan offices foster team spirit and create a social space as opposed to a closed-off individual space. Frequent sharing of ideas is common as the engineering team just speak across the room rather than having to organise formal meetings. When the business is working together it is good to have everyone in the same room to get things done as productively as possible.

Powerystems Happiness-  A happy Powersystems team is a productive team. The open works space breaks down barriers which may be put up through use of walls to segment teams. Open plan allows everyone to intermingle, no matter how junior or senior their position.

Budget –  Another benefit which may not immediately spring to mind is that of budget. Having the open plan office saves the company money, as costs are reduced on construction, utilities and office equipment. It is more efficient to have everyone in one room in terms of utility bills and office supplies. For example, fewer walls means reduced cost of materials and time used to create the workspace. We save on equipment expense as well since communal space enables shared use of resources such as printers etc.

Capacity to increase – Powersystems is growing, having the capacity to accommodate more people was a  factor when choosing office space. The new  open plan space provides the best flexibility to accommodate extra capacity for when we grow as desks can easily be reconfigured to create an optimum solution.

It was a fantastic day for all the staff in the office, and to show off the brand new facilities to Bristol Rovers Football Club and South Gloucestershire Council.

In a light hearted moment, Darrell challenged club captain Tom to a friendly game of table tennis in the new gym.

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