Power and Utilities Markets in 2017

January 19, 2017

2017: Powering Ahead – Whilst the Power and Utilities industry faces a complex challenge: managing a revenue downturn while meeting the demands of its technology-conscious consumers. Powersystems UK are pleased to announce a fantastic start to 2017, with many large projects due for completion this year, and Rail Infrastructure projects soon to begin.

Electric Power and Utilities

Everywhere in the industrialised world, the electric power and utilities sector finds itself pulled to economise and pushed to innovate — two goals that might seem to conflict, but that are actually in harmony. The pull comes from a prolonged downturn in consumer energy revenue on both sides of the Atlantic.

Electricity Consumption

End-use electricity consumption declined in 22 out of 28 E.U. countries between 2005 and 2014, according to Eurostat. In the U.S., the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that the electricity sales growth rate since 2002 has hovered around 1 percent or less per year, and demand has declined in five of those years. That’s a steep drop from growth rates that were well above 2 percent for much of the 1980s and 1990s. The rise in demand for electricity has been consistently lower than general economic growth in recent years.

Driving Trends

Revenue growth is almost certain to continue slowing, and, according to the EIA, there may be two more years of decline during the next decade. This outlook reflects clear macro-level trends. The EIA cited a range of causes for the downturn: “Older equipment was replaced with newer, more efficient stock, [and] efficiency standards were implemented and technology change occurred, particularly in lighting and other appliances. The demographic and economic factors driving this trend included slowing population growth and a shifting economy toward less energy-intensive industries.”

New Power and Utilities

Offsetting these trends, however, is a surge in demand for new power and utilities offerings — a surge so strong that the industry hasn’t yet caught up to it. Innovations in power-sector technology, such as new storage battery options and smartphone-based thermostat apps, are advancing at a pace that has surprised developers and adopters alike. Customers are asking for these products. To meet that demand, industry leaders are integrating those innovations into their operations and infrastructure as rapidly as they can.

Challenge in Power and Utilities

The challenge in the power and utilities sector,  is to close the demand gap and provide value for customers profitably. Do so, and you can expect a future of growth and customer loyalty. Fail, and you may risk being eclipsed by upstart competitors.

Powersystems Attending Energy Now

We are also excited to once again be attending Energy Now as an exhibitor and looking forward to seeing many familiar faces, and meeting potential new customers.