Powersystems repower Hafotty Ucha 3.2 MW Wind Farm

August 31, 2022

Powersystems is delighted to announce it has been awarded the electrical works repowering contract by Tegni Ltd, who are a Welsh wind farm developer, owner, and operator, committed to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Hafotty Ucha wind farm in North Wales following planning permission, and grid connection started contributing to the UK’s energy mix 25 years ago!

Today Powersystems, who also carried out the original electrical engineering works has been engaged to complete the Hafoty Ucha Wind Farm Repowering of 4No. E53 Enercon wind turbines, for the design, supply and installation of site electrical and optical fibre circuit, switchgear upgrade, grid compliance and SCADA works. 

Powersystems electrical project engineer, Joe Durrant talks us through the programme of works, “As my first electrical engineering project, I’ve really enjoyed the challenges of project management and collaborating with the developer, stakeholders and specialist team at Powersystems.

Initially the site was extended from a 3-turbine site to a 4-turbine wind farm site in 2005.

The programme itself has been tight, with 3 months between the tender being sent out and Powersystems mobilising operatives on site. The new  works commenced when Powersystems moved onto site in April 2022.  The now, 4 older wind turbines have been isolated and dismantled and have been replaced with 4No. 800 kW E53 Enercon wind turbines.

The Powersystems team have disconnected from the SPEN DNO and provided isolations for the incoming cables from SPEN’s switch room and removing cables from 3 external substations. The team have installed new optical fibre cable and 11 kV cables from joint pits across the site, completing 6 sets of joints to the wind turbines and 12 sets of 11 kV terminations.

The fit out of substation equipment including the removal of older switch gear and transformer has been undertaken at the substation and replaced with a new Genie Evo switchboard comprising of a busbar VT and incoming circuit breaker. To allow Powersystems to install the new switchboard to manufacturer’s instructions and regulations, the substation itself had to be extended. The team have also removed all the existing small lighting and power and re-installed more efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs and accessories.

Due to the relocation of the wind turbines, the team installed new earth mats at the turbine locations. To keep in line with regulations for lightning protection, Powersystems had to install ‘radials’ from these earth mats up to 80m in length.

Proudly Powersystems have also received an order from ENERCON to carry out the site acceptance works for their switchgear and transformers located in the basement of the wind turbines. This also includes the installation and testing of the 11kV cables between the wind turbines switchgear and transformers.

A big thank you goes out to all the team for all of the support on my first electrical engineering project.”

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