Powersystems powering the world’s largest offshore wind farm Dogger Bank

August 19, 2022

Work to install the high-powered underground cable that will deliver electricity from the UK’s largest offshore wind farm of Dogger Bank at 3.6 GW has achieved a major milestone in the project today (18/08/2022).

The onshore infrastructure includes the installation of the high voltage direct current (HVDC), electrical cables within ducts. The ducts were installed within trenches and where required via drilling under existing infrastructure and natural obstacles.

The cable route comprises 30 km of trenches totalling 120 km for the Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B HVDC cables.  The completed onshore HVDC cables will transport the power generated by the two offshore wind farm sites, Dogger Bank A, and Dogger Bank B from the landfall point at Ulrome to the new converter stations (one per project) in the South of Beverley. The cable route will connect to the existing National Grid substation at Creyke Beck, Cottingham.

In September 2019, Powersystems were awarded and completed the design contract for the 320 kV HVDC on shore cable route, and the 400 kV cable route for Dogger Bank Wind Farm A and B onshore cable route.  The works so far have also involved logistics with delivering 192 cable drums. (120 km of HVDC cable and approx. 24 km of 400 kV cable).

The DC route has 37 Joint Bays, from Landfall to the Converter Station, with the 2 circuits per project, 4 cables across the Dogger Bank A and Dogger Bank B circuit. 

The AC route has 2 circuits per project, each with 6 cables, again across the A and B circuits. We have continued to extend our contracted scope through requested additional works to support our client Jones Bros and NKT, all undertaken successfully and without incident.

The site is located over 130 km off the coast of Northeast England and will be “capable” of powering up to 6 million British homes each year when complete in 2026.

The Dogger Bank offshore wind farm is a joint venture partnership between SSE Renewables (40%), Equinor (40%) and Eni Plenitude (20%). SSE Renewables is leading on the development and construction of Dogger Bank Wind Farm, and Equinor will operate the wind farm on completion and during its expected operational life of around 35 years.

Dogger Bank is made up of three offshore wind farm sites in the North Sea:  Dogger Bank A (1.2 GW), Dogger Bank B (1.2 GW) and Dogger Bank C (1.2 GW).   All three sites were successful in the UK’s September 2019 Contracts for Difference (CfD) auctions.

The 3.6 GW Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm project, this project has already been over a decade in the making.

With renewable energy partners and stakeholders, high voltage specialist Powersystems are “Powering the transition to a carbon free future”. Managing Director, Chris Jenkins, said: ‘The Powersystems team are incredibly pleased to work again, with one of the UK’s leading civil engineering contractors, Jones Bros. This is our 43rd project over the last 7 years with Jones Bros and is testament to our quality partnership in our joint effort in delivering support to what will be the world’s biggest offshore wind farm.

Powersystems also continue to support the regional economy working with local suppliers on the Dogger Bank project, partnering with FB Taylors cable installation contractors who are based in Ripon, Yorkshire and Collett the experts in leading heavy transport logistics in the provision of cable drum transport and storage services, based in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire.

There have been numerous proactive procedural engagements with local police and consenting authorities concerning cable plant and equipment moves, Also, well planned trailer moves for the AC cables across sensitive routes including narrow routes such as Poplar Bridge, where the focus from key local stakeholders and authorities was significant.’ Proudly all undertaken without incident.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm will play a critical role in the UK’s effort to achieve net-zero. Utilising one of the world’s most powerful turbines and largest installation vessel to provide the UK’s largest single source of renewable energy.

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