Powersystems Handover Blackcraig Windfarm 

Powersystems have now handed over Blackcraig Windfarm. Powersystems  supported the customer by installing, commissioning and back energising the site with a Generator System to enable the Turbine supplier, Siemens Gamesa, to commission a turbine against a ‘false grid’. 

The HV Generator system comprised of a step-up transformer to energise the system at 33kV, a main and backup generator to ensure continuity of supply and to provide stability during energisation of the turbine transformers, 2MW of load banks to provide load for the turbine to generate against and LV switched inductor banks to compensate for the reactive power due to cable capacitance on the site.  All controlled with an integral  Modbus controller to automatically switch the load bank load.  

Commissioning was successful and completed in the short time-frame required. The site was then transferred to the new grid supply and was immediately online and available to generate through the meter, a pre-requisite for the customer Blue Energy in compliance with the Ofgem accreditation criteria.

Blackcraig Windfarm was developed by DP Energy on behalf of the owner/operator SSE Generation Ltd . It was awarded a Section 36 Planning Consent in March 2011. The site was subsequently transferred to Blue Energy in May 2015, with commissioning scheduled for the spring of 2017.

Blackcraig Windfarm Loaction

The Blackcraig Windfarm site lies approximately 8km to the east of the village of St John’s Town of Dalry in the district of Stewartry, Dumfries and Galloway. The turbines are sited along the irregular ridgeline formed by the series of small hills from near Troquhain Hill in the west to Fell Hill in the east. One of the central hills, Blackcraig Hill lends its name to the wind farm. It has a mean site elevation of around 350-400m and an estimated wind speed of around 8metres/second.

Blackcraig Windfarm Community Fund

Blackcraig Wind Farm Community Fund is provided by Blackcraig Windfarm (Scotland) Ltd from its Blackcraig Windfarm in Dumfries & Galloway.

Main Grants from the Fund can support projects located within or directly benefiting people in the following community council areas: Balmaclellan, Balmaghie, Carsphairn, Corsock & Kirkpatrick Durham, Crossmichael & District, Dalry, Dunscore, The Royal Burgh of New Galloway and Kells Parish and Parton. For boundary maps and other information on community council areas please see the Dumfries & Galloway Council website or contact Foundation Scotland for assistance.

Decisions on grant awards are made by The Glenkens & District Trust, which is made up of ten local volunteer Trustees. Administration support is provided by Foundation Scotland, a national grant-making charity. Their role includes assessing applications received and general liaison with groups. 

£213,275 will be available for distribution in 2019 through the Main Grants Programme. It is hoped that a similar sum will be available in successive years but this is not guaranteed.

Other Blackcraig funds will be available from your Community Council, and you should contact it directly to confirm. In anticipation of high demand, groups can apply for grants of between £500 and £25,000. These award levels will be reviewed after the first two rounds.


The purpose of the Fund is help these communities be even better places to live and visit for people of all ages by becoming more connected, strong, creative, inclusive, healthy and long-lasting.



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