Vattenfall and Tevva collaboration for zero-emissions for commercial vehicles

April 26, 2021

Electric truck company Tevva, and Vattenfall, an energy infrastructure company, have signed an MOU (memorandum of understanding) to provide a complete zero-emission transport solution for businesses that wish to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations.

Tevva specializes in developing long-range zero-emission truck capabilities, while Vattenfall Network Solutions provides a ‘power-as-a-service’ model that supplies businesses with an energy infrastructure as a service rather than an expensive asset to invest in, own and maintain. Vattenfall operates 22,000 electric vehicle charging points in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway.

The two companies are exploring ways to provide a complete zero-emission transport solution for businesses. This will involve the supply of energy infrastructure and sustainable electricity and hydrogen supply solutions, alongside Tevva’s long-range electric vehicles. Vattenfall will provide connections to the electricity grid along with the electric and hydrogen infrastructure needed for a vehicle fleet or depot.

Tevva’s technology consists of a range extender that enables 7.5- to 19-ton, Class 5 to 8 commercial vehicles. The electric trucks draw the majority of their energy from the grid, with a hydrogen fuel cell for range extension.