UK’s largest battery storage site to help keep the nation’s lights on

May 18, 2020

A market access deal has been agreed for what is thought to be Europe’s largest battery storage site, at Thurcroft near Rotherham.

Gresham House Energy Storage Fund has partnered with Edinburgh-based Flexitricity to optimise its 50 MW / 75 MWh battery storage site facility.

Flexible energy specialist Flexitricity will provide market access, optimising revenue for the asset as well as helping National Grid ESO balance supply and demand.

The South Yorkshire-based lithium-ion battery storage site will be monitored from Flexitricity’s 24/7 control room in Edinburgh and Flexitricity will move the asset between different markets.

It will be traded in the wholesale markets. At other times it will be providing services such as frequency response to help regulate system frequency and keep it within safe operating levels.

Energy storage offers a way to capture clean energy and balance energy generation against demand.

The UK now boasts close to 1 GW worth of installed battery storage capacity, but the market needs further growth to facilitate a net zero energy system.

Andy Lowe, director at Flexitricity, said: “Flexibility is a hugely important part of decarbonising the grid and batteries are an excellent source of flexibility.

“It’s one of the only asset classes that can deliver the rapid response flexibility National Grid ESO needs now and will need even more in the future to maintain system stability.

“That’s why it’s been great to see the investment case for batteries gain momentum over the last 12 months and ambitious projects such as Thurcroft become reality.

“While the value is there, extracting it isn’t easy – it requires a high level of expertise and the right technology, people and algorithms.

“We’re delighted that Gresham House has chosen us as their optimisation partner for a second asset, after we contracted with them for their Noriker Staunch project in 2019.”

Ben Guest, managing director of Gresham House New Energy said: “Gresham House has plans to grow its energy storage portfolio significantly. “We are aiming for more than 360 MW in operational assets by the end of 2020. Energy storage is an area of significant growth with Great Britain requiring at least 10 GW in the next four years in order to enable the ongoing transition to a renewables-led electricity market.

The UK has an ambition to achieve net zero by 2050 and it is our aim to contribute to this meaningfully, while achieving strong returns for our investors.”