UK, Irish grid connection partnership launches

October 12, 2019

UK, Irish grid connection partnership launches

TNEI and Ionic Consulting are teaming up to provide clients across the renewables sector with a one-stop-shop for all grid connection related services.

The companies are combining their respective skills, plus track records in both Ireland and the UK, to provide “unparalleled grid expertise” from initial feasibility all the way through to grid energisation, regardless of technology.

The partnership, which is launching at the IWEA Offshore Wind Conference in Dublin, is well suited to complex needs of the offshore community.

In general, renewable energy as well as energy storage projects of all types are having to deal with more complicated grid connection processes and ultimately more complex physical connections.

TNEI has particular expertise in feasibility studies and complex power system studies, whereas Ionic’s main strength lies in grid asset delivery, with both companies having skillsets in the areas in between, allowing them to offer a full range of services across the entire grid connection area.

Building on their previous experience of working closely together on existing onshore wind farm projects, the team can ensure that optimal design is chosen and that each step of the asset delivery process is managed cost effectively but to the required standards of both quality and safety.

Ionic managing director Ken Boyne said: “This partnership draws on the unique skills, talent and experience of each company to offer a combined offering of real depth and quality at a time when the grid connection landscape is becoming more and more complex. It was also a relief to find a partner with a similar ethos and approach – technically excellent but a team who are easy to work with.”

Ionic has been involved in more than a hundred renewable energy projects in Ireland, the UK and internationally.

Combined with TNEI’s long established and proven expertise in the energy sector having delivered a diverse range of studies and engineering designs for more than 500 projects, the partnership will provide clients with grid connection services of the highest quality.

Both companies have a clear understanding and detailed knowledge of the National Grid Codes and the connection methodology and contestability processes within EirGrid, ESBN, NGESO and UK transmission and distribution network operators.