Powersystems connect 24% of all U.K. land based Wind Farm generation

Powersystems UK have been actively involved in the UK renewables sector since we completed the second commercial UK land based wind farm project at Goonhilly Downs in Cornwall back in 1993. The old turbines generated electricity on 98% of days during their time  and It is estimated that there have been a total of 240 million revolutions per turbine and more than 3 billion revolutions for the whole wind farm since it became operational. 

The land based wind farm turbines  at Goonhilly downs were replaced in 2010.

From these early days, and with our extensive experience in designing and installing high voltage infrastructure, this has placed Powersystems in a position highly suited to carryout wind farm electrical balance of plant contracts.

We have been actively involved with wind farm projects ranging from single turbines to 60 plus turbine sites. Using this early experience enabled Powersystems  to move into other renewable technologies, with many MW of green renewable energy completed, connected and generating to the electricity grid in the Landfill Gas Generation, Hydro, Anaerobic Digestion and Solar Power sectors.

Powersystems Renewable Energy Statistics

Since 2000, Powersystems have connected some 285 land based wind farms to the grid.  To date we have connected to grid thousands of wind turbines to grid, with a total generated capacity of 3.3 GW, this currently represents 24% of all U.K. land based Wind Farm generation.

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