Powersystems Praise The Morlais Tidal Energy Scheme Success at CEW Awards

June 26, 2024

The CEW Awards recognise outstanding achievements in the Welsh construction industry. This year, Morlais was distinguished for its innovative approach to harnessing tidal energy to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, as well as for its exemplary partnership with contractor Jones Bros Ruthin (Civil Engineering) UK.

Morlais, one of the world’s largest consented tidal stream energy initiatives, is set to utilise the tides off the coast of Ynys Môn (Anglesey) to generate clean electricity. The Climate Action Award acknowledges this commitment to renewable energy and highlights its critical role in helping Wales achieve its climate goals.

John Idris Jones, Chair of the Morlais Board, expressed his gratitude: “We are thrilled to be recognised in these prestigious awards, particularly for our leadership in climate action and our successful partnership with Jones Bros. This award reflects our dedication to building a sustainable future for our communities here on Ynys Môn and for Wales. Sustainability means not only using renewable energy to generate electricity but also providing jobs and business opportunities to ensure our communities remain viable.”

Huw Jones MBE, Chairman of Jones Bros, shared his excitement: “Receiving the award for Infrastructure Project of the Year is a significant honor. Working on the Morlais project has been both challenging and rewarding. This recognition from CEW is a testament to the exceptional teamwork and dedication that went into making the project a success. We are proud to have contributed to such a groundbreaking initiative.”

Powersystems is proud to announce our involvement as the electrical contractor for the Morlais Tidal Energy electrical infrastructure project. Richard Coleman, Powersystems Senior Electrical Project Engineer, provided an update: “The first stage of the project was a 33 kV connection supporting three tidal developers, exporting 18 MW. As more developers come on board, the export capacity will increase to 120 MW, connected at 132 kV to the national grid. Stage three will see the site’s export capacity rise to 240 MW, supporting nine additional tidal developers.”

The 18-month project included designing and installing a 6 km 132 kV cable between two new substations. Initially, this cable will be energised at the 33 kV. Landfall substation will connect the tidal developers, while the Morlais Tidal B substation will link the system to the local DNO (SPEN). Powersystems designed, installed, and commissioned the 33 kV switchgear at both substations along with all necessary LV, comms, protection, and SCADA systems. Together with Jones Bros, ensuring the system and substations are future-proofed for increased capacity.

The Morlais project, powered by kinetic energy from tidal currents, received planning permission from the Welsh government. Once fully operational, it will power more than 180,000 homes. The project’s phased installation will monitor its impact on the marine environment, aligning with the Welsh Government’s commitment to unlocking marine energy.

In March 2022, Climate Change Minister Julie James confirmed £31m of funding for the Morlais infrastructure project, the largest grant from the EU’s regional funding program. This support underscores the Welsh Government’s commitment to marine energy and sustainable development.

The Morlais project will install turbines across 13 square miles of seabed, making it one of the largest tidal stream energy sites globally. This infrastructure development aims to advance tidal power generation technologies by providing grid connectivity and supporting a sustainable energy future.

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