Powersystems Partners Supporting Local Communities

Statkraft is deeply committed to supporting local communities, not only through community funds but also by actively engaging with local suppliers. The relationships established with local suppliers are pivotal in ensuring the success of collective projects, simultaneously delivering valuable investment to the local area.

The ‘Good Neighbour’ ethos is integral to Statkraft’s operations. The partnership was dedicated to finding meaningful ways to engage with the communities in which we operate. Our collaborative commitment ensured that we supported Statkraft in being recognised as a good neighbour, providing local employment, establishing community liaison groups, and generating significant economic and community benefits.

One of the first initiatives undertaken was to promote work opportunities by building a local supplier register  and to collaborate with the Moray Chamber of Commerce. This initiative aimed to promote our Local Supplier Register, resulting in a substantial number of Moray companies, from one-person businesses to larger employers, registering. This allowed us to source local skills and products for the wind farm and other renewable energy projects in the area.

Gordon Sproat, Powersystems’ site manager at one of the Moray projects, highlighted the importance of the Local Supplier Register:

“The Local Supplier Register is extremely useful. It is my first port of call for any services we require. Approximately 75% of our supplier business to date has come from companies on that register.”

To further support local suppliers and communities, we engaged in the following actions:

  • Regular consultations with the contracts manager to obtain status updates on local supplier opportunities.
  • Strengthening connections with the Moray Chamber of Commerce to streamline the registration process for local companies.
  • Engaging with local educational institutions to explore apprenticeship and placement opportunities.
  • Engineer’s going into local schools to talk about the project in relation to STEM subjects
  • Working with local colleges
  • Getting more girls in to engineering in Scotland
  • Appointing PR support to promote local involvement throughout the project build.

      The investment in the local supply chain has been substantial, collectively from Powersystems UK and Knights Brown amounting to approximately £1.7 million. This investment underscores our commitment to utilising local resources and supporting the local economy.

      Statkraft places a high importance on being a good neighbour, which is reflected in the commitment to establishing community funds near each of their Greener Grid Parks. They have pledged to establish a fund of £20,000 per year for the benefit of local communities near each park. The first payment into the fund is made at the start of construction, allowing local projects to commence before the Greener Grid Park is completed.

      This fund is particularly special as it provides a regular stream of funding dedicated to projects that accelerate the transition to a low carbon society. Potential initiatives include:

      • Training and education of local residents about renewable energy and carbon reduction.
      • Addressing fuel poverty through education on low-carbon living.
      • Providing practical support for energy efficiency initiatives.
      • Increasing access to electric vehicle charging points and promoting transport electrification.
      • Supporting community-led renewable energy projects.
      • Promoting active travel methods, including e-bikes.
      • Offering information to residents on pursuing careers or retraining to join the net zero workforce.

      This partnership approach to maximising opportunities for local people, supply chains, and economies through ECI is exemplified by our commitment to local engagement, investment, and support. By building strong relationships with local suppliers and actively supporting the local community, we aim to ensure the success of our projects and contribute positively to the local economy and society.