National Grid to issue £180 million contracts by January 2022

December 7, 2020

National Grid has issued £180 million ‘Planning Indicative Notice’ to secure design and project services for its construction activities across both terrestrial and marine environments.

The services include the full construction cycle, from feasibility and survey works, front-end conceptual design and principal designer, detailing and drawing packages and updates, project, commercial, H&S and site management through to verification and commissioning services across the asset types and services identified below.

To supplement this service is the provision of specialist labour through secondment for National Grid’s technical engineering requirements in support of its construction projects activities.

The contract is divided into 11 lots.

Lot 1, general engineering support
 contains advisory and resource augmentation across most if not all niche disciplines identified: engineering services general support
Substations, HVDC, onshore AC cabling, offshore Cable and Marine, overhead lines, data protection and cyber, gas, civils (civil structures, tunnel refurbishments, flood protection and ISS, technical personnel and drawing services.

Lot 2, substations
 include procurement of: new build, asset replacement, converter stations, tertiary connections, sealing ends, cable system design, cable routing, gas insulated designs, and HVDC.

Lot 3 HVDC
 and power electronics contains: converter stations, and onshore HVDC cable.

Lot 4, onshore AC cable
 consists: sealing ends/landfall connections, cable system design, cable routing, and gas insulated lines.

Lot 5, offshore cable and marine
 includes: cable system design, cable routing, landfall connections, and marine survey support.

Lot 6 to Lot 11 include procurement activities related to over head lines, protection control and cyber, gas transmissions, civils (civil structures, tunnel refurbishments, flood protection and ISS), project services, drawing services.

The contracts will be published in the beginning of 2022.