Help in preventing damage to the environment with sustainable plastics from Centriforce

Powersystems were delighted to welcome the team from Centriforce, for a refresh on the product portfolio, putting names to faces and learning about the newly launched Stokbord® drum – a faster and safer way of installing heavy duty utility protection!

About Centriforce – They are the UK’s largest independent recycler of plastic waste into end-use products – Their core business is the manufacture of high performance recycled products from plastic waste such as plastic bottles, carrier bags and transportation packaging – waste that would otherwise be sent to landfill sites. They are the manufacturer behind some of the leading brands in the recycled plastics market. Their sheet product, Stokbord®, is the most popular recycled plastic board available; its versatility, durability and sustainability means that Stokbord® has multiple uses across a diverse range of markets, including agricultural, civil engineering, equestrian and land management . They are the market leader in the production of underground utility protection materials, their Stokbord® cable protection covers and Centritile® tape have replaced concrete as the industry standard in the UK utilities market.

Utility Damage Protection

Centriforce are a world-leader in the provision of damage prevention products for utilities, serving a global customer-base. They are proud to have pioneered the development of heavy-duty plastic covers as an effective alternative to concrete tiles to protect underground utilities, making them the world leader in this area. In their production facility they are committed to developing and testing products to go above and beyond customer expectations and meet stringent quality and environmental standards.

The product range includes utility protection mesh, detectable tapes for marking buried underground utility pipes and cables, underground warning tapes and cable protection coverscable protection Tapetile®, access chambers, marker posts and signs.

Utility protection mesh

Stokbord® – the multi-purpose board for civil engineers and contractors

Centriforce is the home of Stokbord®, and is exclusively manufactured at their facility in Liverpool, UK. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Stokbord® is an extremely versatile material that can replace traditional materials such as timber, plywood, concrete, and even steel. Stokbord® is made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), which comes as standard in black or grey, with a specially embossed slip-resistant finish.

Stokbord® Protecta Sheet – the cost-effective alternative to plywood for spoil boards

Stokbord® Protecta Sheet is an innovative, cost-effective solution for prevention of damage to surfaces during construction and excavation. Providing protection for pavements and roads from surface scarring and damage caused by grab-wagons, excavators and materials.

Using Protecta Sheet ensures that you avoid unwanted fines for damaged road surfaces and pavements. It also offers a lower whole-life cost than using plywood/ timber, since Stokbord® can be used again and again. The boards are easy to move around side if required and have no sharp edges or splinters which can result in injury. They are able to manufacture boards to the specific needs of customers (including size and branding).

cost-effective alternative to plywood for spoil boards

Stokbord® Sheet – the more effective temporary flooring than plywood

Stokbord® is also becoming the contractor’s No 1 solution to protect finished surfaces from construction site wear and tear, whilst also contributing to a safer working environment with its slip resistant top coat. Stokbord® provides heavy-duty, temporary floor protection, having been specifically engineered for use by engineers and building contractors

Stokbord® is a tough, durable and impact resistant protection board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements. Designed as a heavy duty protective solution, Stokbord® is excellent at absorbing shock and noise while resisting impact from construction footfall and machinery.

Durable and impact resistant protection board

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