Leeds General Infirmary Generating Station Complex (GSC) First Phase Energisation

Leeds General Infirmary Generating Station Complex (GSC) HV Switchgear replacement project – the first phase has now been energised.

To meet the increasing electrical load requirements of Leeds Royal Infirmary Powersystems successfully secured a £1.2m contract with ENGIE to replace the HV switchgear against strong local competition.

The added complexity of replacing the existing HV switchboard and NER in 4 phases within the existing HV Switchroom, showcases Powersystems technical ability.   Our reputation for exceeding expectations on technical know-how, quality and safety being the major contributor to our success.

Whilst ENGIE Services Ltd responsible for the wider contract to replace and upgrade the generation and HV/LV infrastructure feeding Leeds General Infirmary buildings, Powersystems scope was to deliver the following:

  • Design, supply, install and commission a new 17 Panel 11kV Switchboard, including all protection relays and system interfacing.
  • Remove an existing 18 panel 11kV, Double Busbar Switchboard.
  • Carry out temporary diversions/connections on new and existing HV cabling to ensure the continued operation of the generating Station complex.
  • Carry out scheduled cable changeovers from existing to new HV equipment.
  • Supply and install a new Neutral Earthing Resistor Panel (NER) within the HV Switchroom, including all HV, earthing and control cabling.
  • Supply and install all control cabling between the new HV switchboard and Local HMI/DCS Panels.
  • Configure and commission relays for all Incomers, Generator Feeders and Transformer Feeders.
  • Use in house expertise to configure and commission relays to use the new communications protocol IEC 61850 allowing for remote circuit breaker operation and relay monitoring through HMI and DCS.
  • Supply and install 2 new 1500kVA, 11,000/415V KNAN Transformers as well as associated LV AWA Single Core cabling to the Main LV Panels.
  • Design, supply, install and commission a new 110V DC Battery Charger supplying the HV Switchboard, NER Panel, NER control panel and LV panels within the GSC.
  • Install cable containment throughout the GSC for new and existing HV/LV cable.
  • Provide all Operation and Maintenance manuals as well as onsite training for the operations staff.

Powersystems have worked very successfully throughout the deliver phases with our client and their sub-contractors, reinforcing our reputation for technical competency, flexibility and commercial integrity. 

This has subsequently led to our client inviting us to tender a number of further complex HV equipment replacement projects across the UK.

The image attached shows Powersystems Project Engineer Darren Sampson carrying out final commissioning checks on the new section of 11kV switchgear Powersystems have installed as the first phase of our client ENGIE’s project to replace the existing 18 panel 11kV double busbar switchboard at Leeds General Infirmary Generation Complex.

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