Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm plans with 240 turbines revealed

November 13, 2020

One of the world’s largest offshore wind farms” could be created off East Lothian’s coast, containing nearly 250 wind turbines which could power every home in Scotland.

Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm would be created more than 50 kilometres off the county coastline in the Firth of Forth.

If consented and brought forward for development, the SSE Renewables scheme would, it is claimed, see 242 turbines capable of generating enough renewable energy for more than all the homes in Scotland.

It could power 3.5 million homes each year and reduce carbon emissions by four million tonnes annually, helping power Scotland’s push towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Louise Davis, consents team manager for Berwick Bank Wind Farm, said: “Today, we’re unveiling plans for our new Berwick Bank Offshore Wind Farm, which could have an installed capacity of up to 2.3GW, making it one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms if constructed.

“The proposed development would be capable of powering 3.5 million homes with renewable energy each year, more than all the homes in Scotland, and cutting the country’s annual carbon emissions by around four million tonnes, equivalent to removing two thirds of all cars from Scottish roads.

“In this way, Berwick Bank would help make a major impact on meeting the country’s net-zero carbon emissions target by 2045.”

The project is being developed by SSE Renewables, alongside plans for its neighbouring Marr Bank Offshore Wind Farm project.

The two projects have different timescales, with a public consultation and exhibition focusing on Berwick Bank getting under way next week.

If consented for development, Berwick Bank would represent a multi-billion-pound investment opportunity for SSE Renewables to help power forward Scotland’s climate action ambitions.

As the project progresses, SSE Renewables will host ‘Meet the Developer’ events to outline opportunities for the local economy.

A public consultation gets under way on Monday and runs through until December 7.

During the three-week consultation, details will be shared online and there will also be four live internet question and answer sessions taking place between November 23 and 26.

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