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Renewable Generation

Powersystems remains at the forefront of the Renewable Generation Industry.

With so many projects successfully constructed and exporting power to the grid, whether requiring a turnkey installation, electrical infrastructure or grid connection, Powersystems are an experienced partner in all forms of renewable energy generation project.

Growing environmental awareness has heightened interest in all forms of renewable energy. Powersystems remain at the forefront of this growing industry with expertise in:

Landfill site

From the experience gained from 10 years completing the grid connections and electrical installations for Landfill gas sites, Powersystems moved to offer the complete turnkey solution incorporating the required civil works and mechanical installation in addition to the previously offered services.

Such projects were managed under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis with Powersystems managing the construction as principle contractor under the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM).

Projects completed in this manner ranged from single engine “minigen” sites to 30MW multiple engine sites.

30MW Landfill generation Brogborough Generation compound
Wind turbine energyExperience in the design and installation of high voltage electrical infrastructure has placed Powersystems in a position ideally suited to carryout wind farm electrical balance of plant contracts. Since our first wind farm installation at Goonhilly Downs in 1992 we have been actively involved with wind farm projects ranging from single turbines to 60 plus turbine sites.

Powersystems engineers are experienced in the design, specification, installation and commissioning of wind farm switchgear, transformers, cable infrastructure, earth systems and SCADA cabling, enabling the complete installation to be carried out.

Wind farm cablingOn each site Powersystems carry out grid connection compliance studies, ensuring that the requirements of the connection or grid code are met.

In addition to the on site electrical balance of plant works Powersystems can provided grid connections to wind farm sites, and have done so in some extremely remote and challenging locations.

There has been a large uptake in the number of  solar parks being granted planning consent in the UK, and Powersystems has been involved with many of these providing grid connection schemes at 11kV & 33kV. Each scheme is designed by our team of engineers and covers the requirements of the DNO substation, site wide earthing and cabling to the point of connection. The whole process is managed, from initial connection application to final energisation and adoption.
Powersystems can perform much of the onsite work as well:
  • installation of HV cabling and terminations
  • Design and Build of Intake Substation
  • Incorporation of G59 protection
  • Specification and supply of Inverter Transformers
  • Site Earthing
  • Final Test and Commissioning
Trevemper Panels 1
Trevemper solar photo

Powersystems have connected Anaerobic digestion generation plants powered from  commercial food waste, energy crops, dairy, pig & poultry waste in the farm based sectors.

We have worked alongside the major technology providers in delivering both grid connections and onsite customer works. Typically these schemes will be cable connected to the local distribution high voltage network and electrically metered onsite, from there a bespoke site distribution system is designed and installed to meet the AD Plants requirements. This system would usually be comprised of a generation transformer and main Low Voltage (LV) distribution board, providing electrical circuits to the site generation and AD Plant controls.

Powersystems as part of the installation can specify and install the necessary Feed In Tariff (FIT) meters and auxiliary supply meters to enable generation and auxiliary loads to be appropriately allocated. To date Powersytems have connected over 30 anaerobic digestion sites throughout the UK with many more coming online in the near future.

  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Anaerobic Digestion
Hydro power is the oldest form of renewable energy and Powersystems have been involved in constructing the electrical infrastructure on small scale hydro schemes since the late 80’s.

Projects completed include 500kW “Run of the river” schemes and multiple turbine dam storage schemes. In both types of projects Powersystems have completed the full electrical installation package for the sites including:

  • Design
  • Powerhouse Fitout
  • Station Transformers
  • Main LV Switchboards
  • Power and Control Cabling
  • Turbine Control Panels
  • PLC SCADA Systems
  • Head Pond Level Sensors
  • Test and Commissioning
Powersystems have worked with the major hydro turbine suppliers installing Turgo, Francis and Kaplan turbines throughout the UK.
In an ever increasing bid to fulfill the UK’s requirements for new renewable energy fuel sources, Powersystems have assisted customers in the design and construction of generation plants powered by Bio-Fuels. Typically the generation of these schemes are via reciprocating prime movers, therefore the years of experience gained in Landfill and AD Generation sectors gives Powersystems a lead when advising customers on all aspects, from site layout to electrical infrastructure, ensuring both best design practice and cost effective solutions.

Although currently an infant market, we see this a sector that will grow and plan to be at the head of any expansion, as Bio-Fuel technologies develop.

With an ever changing waste management industry, government regulations have forced the market to look at new ways of managing the UK’s waste. A result of which has been the design and construction of cleaner more efficient Energy From Waste (EFW) plants. Such plants can generate electrical power via steam driven turbines or develop a ‘Syngas’ for turbine or reciprocating generation. In either form Powersystems have assisted customers in cost effective grid connections and onsite electrical infrastructure.
The UK has one of the largest marine energy resources in the world, estimated to be more than 10GW. This along with the predictability of tidal power makes it a form of Renewable Energy that is highly attractive to grid operators as fossil fuel back-up plants are not required. To support this emerging technology, tidal projects will be eligible for five Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) from the UK Government for projects installed and operational by 2017.

Powersystems are actively involved with the construction of the electricity infrastructure to connect marine turbines to the onshore grid. Recent project successes include the 400kW Delta Stream demonstration device in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, a demonstration device due to be in service for 12 months.

Powersystems UK projects help connect 24% of all U.K. land based Wind Farm generation

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