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Powersystems your high voltage specialist partners – Are proud to announce the launch of the new website, which coincides with our expanding role as a high voltage specialist partner working across grid connections, high voltage electrical power infrastructure, and the renewable energy sectors.

The Powersystems website takes a bolder approach to the way that content is displayed, leveraging a grid-based website design, big typography, and full-width, high-quality images.  We believe the new website serves as a really nice example for how to execute a grid structure whilst still maintaining a nice visual hierarchy in the design.

www.powersystemsuk.com provides a clear message of who we are, and where our value lies as a trusted partner, when developing, delivering and maintaining regulated solutions.

Powersytems Website Design

With an improved design, the new website is also fully responsive with mobile devices, making it easier to navigate on a wide range of web browsers and portable devices.

We’ve introduced a new range of content on the website, including services that we offer, projects that we are working on and sectors that we specialise in. We also plan to add more video content and information about our scope of work to provide you with all the information you need to evaluate our services and help you to find the right partner of choice for your high voltage electrical infrastructure, renewable energy and grid connection projects. Check out the new website here: www.powersystemsuk.com

Easier Navigation

The new Powersystems wesbsite is cleaner and easier to navigate both on desktop and on mobile, the home page has been divided into squares to allow easy navigation and showcases the core of Powersystems’ work, along with other useful links and information in regards to relevant shows where you can meet members of our engineering team, and get quick updates from our news ticker. With a new sleek and optimised design, we are looking forward to a brighter future for both employees and clients. The fresh full screen look utilises the whole page, to accommodate any platform, ensuring the website leaves a professional impression on all who visit.

Powersystems Website Compelling Content

Building the Powersystems website was, in many ways, an exercise of willpower. It’s tempting to get distracted by the bells and whistles of the design process, and forget all about creating compelling content. Powersystems realised that it was the compelling content that’s crucial to making the communication work for our audiences.

Powersystems were delighted to work with YZ Designs on the new website.


New look website for Powersystems UK

Our sectors, projects, and services pages have all been updated to make navigation between subsections easier, allowing the user to see the full scope of what we do here at Powersystems without any confusion. We are especially pleased with our new projects map, giving the viewer a break-down of our project types carried out throughout the whole of the UK since 2000, when our digital records began.

One of the highlights of our new website design is our News page. With a brilliant new layout, Powersystems are poised to create professional articles on all aspects of the high voltage engineering sector to better inform you the reader on how this industry works, current affairs, and of course updates on Powersystems. Each in depth article will be written by one of our very own electrical engineers, ensuring reliable and accurate information and well-informed opinion pieces. We look forward to sharing our wealth of knowledge on this fantastic platform.

If you wish to learn more about Powersystems as a company, our About page now includes a fantastic timeline of the history of Powersystems, highlighting key moments in the last 40 years and projects we are especially proud of alongside a fantastic gallery of photos of high voltage engineering work we have carried out through the decades.

Map of projects

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